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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Beaded Embroidery in Blue-Green
trying to recapture the b&w success

Following on the success of the cream, black and white piece, I almost certainly made this one next—it shows the same technique of parking a lampwork bead in a stone bead as the focal point:

Beaded embroidery on denim. Not sure what the big lifesaver bead is—perhaps low-grade amazonite? There are several unakite and turquoise beads (plus others purporting to be same) but it's not that. Also at least one tree agate, peridot, emerald and Indian (Hindi) silver, sterling, a lot of vintage glass, seed beads, plus of course some of my own beads, mostly stripies.

The prior piece was made no later than 2008; but I know with this piece was part of a series that I worked on it in my neighbor's gazebo, and since she only moved here about 4–5 years ago, it has to relatively recent. But she's been kind of busy to host gazebo parties for the past couple of years. So it was probably made around 2011–2012. As it is my usual modus operandi to duplicate an approach when it's been a long time since I've made something, that lends support to my thesis. (Honestly, I'm gonna have to start dating these things.) The kitty (and several fish for it to eat) dates back to another old piece from 2000.

I was quite happy with the piece, and followed on with 4 others, three of which I documented.