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Aya's bear stocking
polar bears are cute

Obviously I used the lensbaby to photograph this one:)

Like a lot of my recent ones, it has the ‘fractured’ or ‘piecemeal’ bits of felt making up the image, in this case a polar bear. I evidently was feeling confident,[1] to the point of fighting with metallic thread for the name. (It helped that it was short.)

felt, braid, machine applique and embroidery, hand embroidery.

I only had to make one for 2012 (what a relief) so I had time to braid the hanger, which is a rather fun oval braid—a little more challenging than the keiruko I normally do, but quick to make up, in those nice fat yarns;)[2]

I think it came out well. This technique works well with large simple upright shapes: note the similarity of the bear's pose to the bunny stocking.

UPDATE, 26aug15: since I'm linking to this post again for a series of pages about my 2013 oval braid series, I thought I would add the setup page for the braid:

This is a 16 strand braid (as almost all of mine are) so these fibers would have been doubled over, to make 3.5’ of working strands; with braid takeup that yields the 18–24 inches I needed for the stocking; as the braid was finished in one day, I quite likely quite braiding as soon as I had sufficient, since the yarns, like the rest of the piece, are mostly scraps/gifts/etc.

[1]Possibly I'd gotten my old kenmore back up and running...?

[2]Then I put this superfine mitake red, white and blue braid on the marudai that is still there, a year after I finished this...sigh.