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Xmas tree stocking
sometimes it's handy to have an extra

It's good to have an extra stocking or two, for those folks who've forgotten theirs (or might not have been associated with the family long enough to get their own, since it takes me, on average, about 3 years to make one.) I happen to especially like pine trees—they're a fun, easy shape, in xmas colors (green and white) plus, yanno, I like green and have a lot of green beads and sequins.

pine tree stocking. Completed 2016.

My energy levels throughout November and December 2015 were very low, so even though all I really had to do was sew on the cording—the embroidery, tassels (& their attachment) had been completed, probably in late 2014[1] —but I didn't even manage that. But now it's finally done!

[1]And it may have been mostly finished before then—it doesn't have any of the new sequins I purchased in Japan in ’14