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3 states of water stocking
with bonus sakura & eagle...

This stocking is part of the Japan series—made for f2’s host sib. My specifications were turquoise blue, and perhaps, water. I showed it in three forms—gaseous, as represented by the clouds; solid as snow; and liquid as the wavy lines that in traditional Japanese iconography represents rivers and streams.

water stocking, with flap up. felt, sequins, machine embroidery, tassels, cording, jingle bells. 2013

With the flap down you can see the Japan-USA relationship represented by cherry blossoms and a bald eagle. Sakura is particularly appropriate in my view because of the lovely gift of cherry trees from Japan to the USA that line the mall in DC.

Flap down. The background is actually the mapcase I use to store my glass rods:) Really goes with this particular stocking, I gotta say.

Not sure what I was thinking with the pink and black tassel, excepting that the pink is obviously for the pink sakura.


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