Donut or Pi with Peyote
Or, I decide to learn free form Gourd stitch

First, I understand there is a subtle difference between gourd and peyote when worked in the round. I've been shown this difference, but I don't really understand it and I can't reproduce it–something about spacing and thread showing. To be perfectly frank, I don't care.

Second, I understand the really politically correct crowd doesn't like the “peyote” term. Unfortunately for them, the alternate never seems to have really caught on, though it looks like they might succeed in substituting herringbone for ndbele. Personally, I like the origins—and the people associated with it—incorporated right into the entymolgy. Sure the Ndbele do lots of different stitches, but it would be nice to give them credit for one, wouldn't it?

In any event, back when I took this class, ndbele was hardly known, and few people regularly worked in comanche/brick, square or single needle right angle weave (at least in my area). Peyote dominated, with netting stitches running second. Happily that's changing now, and there are more publications dedicated to spreading the word about new stitches and combinations.

Materials: howlite, silver, freshwater pearls, antique alumninum (very tiny, look closely), assorted glass beads, silk, nylon; Techniques: peyote, fringing, kumi.



update, 14aug04 (closeups added—click on thumbnails for full-size images)