Detachable Peyote Stitched Necklace
It's not that Complicated, Really!

This piece continues the series that started with the pi necklace made in Gail's class. Having made two more or less following the pattern, I now strayed off into new territory, incorporating two smaller donuts instead of one large. Everyone else's peyote tubes were either plain or showed very regular patterns, so I experimented with the freeform style I was using for the focal point.

The focal point is more sculptural than the other two donut pieces. At this time I rendered my peyote 3D by the simple expedient of twisting a section of beadwork and stitching to another section. The accent can be threaded with the matching peyote tube in several different ways; one is shown in the second picture, which also shows the reverse of the first image.

Materials and Techniques: Picture jasper, citrine, snowflake obsidian, glass, sterling, and brass beads, nylon. Peyote and fringing.