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Gold fumed fuchsia
oh, the luscious precioussssss

Ever since my friend Cindi B gave me an awesome gold-fume fuchsia heart (or, let's be honest here, I saw the bead and whined for her to give it to me) I've wanted to try making fumed fuchsia beads for the bead curtain strand. She did some cylinders with trailing that I thought showed off the gold even better, which I interpreted with my own version of scrolling. Honestly, Ona Sostakas[1] and her fabulous wizard rings were a marvelous argument for playing with the technique. Problem was, I couldn't find my gold.

/S4/2016S4/2016download; colour balanced & cropped.

Well, by 08July of ’16[2] I'd obviously located it & made these gold fumed beads, which I photographed in the garden, cuz I thought the green would make a nice contrast[3] . By late July I was making well-coated beads, which would eventually make their way into a really rich, yummy strand.

E620/2016E620/20161125E620. Gold fumed lampwork, mostly of ‘check glass’ (Czech) tourmaline pink with assorted manufactured beads & artist forged copper hook On beadalon, approx. 5’ with 18" leader. The 2 largest beads both measure about 2" on their longest dimention. The spiral stamped oval in the upper left is one of Lisa St Martin's, the big-dot dottie(s) front & center might be mine, but more likely are Frances’. At the very least I was inspired by her. Photographed 25nov16.

Gold is the secret to truly beautiful pink glass, and besides adding the reflective richness, renders the pink even deeper with transmission, making it ideal for beadcurtains.

swapped pixie tag, 25may2018

[1]Who also taught me hollow bead-making

[2]There's a gap in my studio notes, where I lost the notebook & made random notes, which of course got lost by the time I found the studio notebook again...

[3]Boy did it ever—the camera turned the grass bright yellow, hence the colour correction...