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Purple BeadCurtain Strand
As Promised, More of those Fluorite Tris...

Bead curtain strands are all about using up bad beads, and fluorite, though it comes in lovely purple and green stripes, is extremely soft, and scratches and breaks too easily for it to make good jewelry, in my not-so-humble opinion.

So I filled out my purple collection of lampwork with more of these triangles, happy to finally put them to use. The sad thing is that I never used these beads when I was most in love with them; they had to suffer a loss in my affections before I felt comfortable incorporating them into something. I've spoken before of my best pieces being made of despised materials, a habit that has always distressed me.

bead curtain strand. Note bead with huge hole pop at bottom of strand, with broken twist-link strung from its interior, as a sort of ‘tongue’. Yes, it's weird, but not original to me, and thus not my fault:)

Now, having encountered the concept of non-attachment, however imperfectly, amongst my rather erratic yogic studies, I realize that perhaps I should regard this as a progression rather than strictly as a flaw; that is, I should strive for non-attachment, and thus make better, and more universal art.

So much for philosophy—but I suppose it makes a nice change from pointing out the strand's flaws, which I leave as an exercise for the reader this time around.

The entire series:

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