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Green Bead Curtain Strand
Those good ole times...

There are a couple of minor—very minor—points of interest about this strand. One is that my partner, maybe 7–8 years after I assured her that no, she didn't really want those nasty pointed-end beads, no matter how much they reminded her of exotic fruit, she agreed with me, and gave ’em back. They're in a set of three on the left side of the strand, second spiral in.

The other is that f2tY is quite fond of the collasped oval um, solid cylinder banded with grass green trails and decorated with cobalt dots. To my mind the bead has much of the feel, both in design and execution, of the Indian lampwork that constituted most of the early strands.

Green bead curtain strand. Though just finished in the last 2–3 months, some of the beads date back years, nearly to the beginning of my lampwork career.

I suppose I'll have to make her one, now.

The entire series:

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