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BeadCurtain in Blue
Sometimes, even I like blue...

Though I love what my partner calls the jewel tones—emerald green, amethyst purple, cobalt blue (and sometimes a blue-based red like ruby/garnet, for a whatdeyou call'em little extra—ah frangniappe—er, I mean lagniappe—yeesh. I was congratulating myself on being able to come up with the word, and I did eventually figure it out, with google's help, but obviously the mental function was, in the terms of the Heyers I've been rereading in this heat, ‘fair and far off’. So I guess the old brain cells are going to pot after all. —Cuz it's still cool now, so I can't blame this brain fart on the heat.)

bead curtain strand. Approximately 5–6’ (say 1-3/4 m?) 7 stranded cable, lampwork, other glass.

Anyway, to start again: I love intense, pure cool hues, but favor green and purple over blue; but I'd rather have a really beautiful blue than a so-so purple, and that, I'd say, is the situation here: this strand came out really nicely, and I'm very happy with it.

Part of what helps it is the co-ordination amongst the lampwork and czech pressed—lots of matte beads here: pixie dusts on the lampwork side, and frost ‘blue moon’ (the bead equivalent of cats-eye marbles) on the manufactured side. There are couple of silvered beads to add some sparkle, and that amorphous white lump on the right was featured, you may recall, in the necklace I took apart some time ago just before cannibalizing it for the teaching strand.

In a single strand, the long bugles don't look so great; nor do I feel they're particularly functional except in a design like bead curtains, which stays straight all the time. But in this context, they work well enough, and they do make stringing go faster. And as always, it helps with the ‘use useless beads up’ mantra which unfortunately is far too strong a quirk in my personality.

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