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Happy Memorial Day, for those who celebrate it.

Sorry about the no-posting. This time only, the lapse isn't entirely my fault, as (filtered through my vague understanding) the SQL bundled with the latest incarnation of ubuntu was none too thrilled with the date strings on my pix—at any rate, the mismatch broke the (custom) software used to create this site, till the wizard got around to fixing it.

Today's post features a test shot of beads based on dogwood. Or if you can't get too excited about a decade-old necklace, here's a cool link about visualizing martial arts—would be fabulous as a starting point for some fresh new ways to depict combat in comics. At least, that was its primary interest for me.



Courtesy of boingboing, another fun and colourful post, this time about a skateboarder filmed in slowmo while using the board to spray coloured pigment all over. It's absolutely fantastic—just plain fun.

I have no doubt the guy got the idea from colour runs, which in their turn were inspired by the Indian holiday (Holi).. —Frankly, I love the concept, though I could wish it a little less commercialized. —Which is one reason I liked this variation, which is clearly a joyful cross-pollination, if you will, in the spirit of the original.

Speaking of colour, I've got another another giftwrap example.


Hey, let's celebrate spring with some giftwrap! Also, somewhere or other I stumbled upon a similarly happy and colourful vid, made to celebrate India's trans community. I really like the way ‘bad monitor artifacts’ —screen slicing, degraded images—have been used to give the video a distinctive look, while subtly suggesting that this community is only very imperfectly perceived by the rest of the world.


No rants today, just a link to a new index page for pysanky. Haven't actually got any new pysanky—I was acting as a studio assistant 4 days last week, and only really started to recover yesterday (hence the hiatus)—but there are plans to dye some, so perhaps next week.


So extremists continue to act badly, do they?

Well. There are many things to celebrate about current culture—the improving lot of various minorities (including my own), the fact that, however horrible the crime-of-the-week is, violence is on a downward trend—on a local note, that a highly experimental drug meant a fellow beadmaker won't drop dead of cholesterol poisoning because the standard drugs don't work for her. Or that dads, on the whole, are more involved in their children's lives than those from the Silent Generation.



Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm happy to have an annual excuse to enjoy corned beef (on the extremely inauthentic but tasty onion rolls) & to make yet another themed charm bracelet in my favourite colour. Which I haven't even finished making the beads for, let alone put together, so I'm featuring some beads I made a few years ago that are in a properly festive green & orange colour scheme.


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