Black & Gold Elegance
single strand fringed memory wire necklet

I got as far as loading the images for this piece into the database, but they're not being used,[1] so here's a black and 14/20 gold fill necklace with beadalon fringes that I made 5 years ago. It's quite a bit simpler than the piece that inspired it, featured last time:

Memory wire necklet, glass, goldfill (& gold plate), beadalon, & memory wire; constructed in September 2017. Olympus 620, lensbaby sweet 35; ev 0, 1/30s, ISO 200, manual lumopro flash. Photographed 21sep2017, approx 9:30am; cropped with a bit of cloning to remove dust and smears in the background

The lensbaby is a fun photo, but I decided I needed to do it right, and so, a couple of days later, tried again, wiping off a big smear and some dust on the plexi & switching to the zuiko macro lens for more of a classic shot:

Memory wire necklet, steel, glass, assorted goldfill & basemetal construction; olympus E620, zuiko 50mm macro, f/8.0, ev 0, 1/50s, ISO 200, lumopro flash; 23sep.

Note the styling downplayed the AB finish on 6mm faceted czech—this is particularly obvious in the beads on either side framing the fringes.

[1]I know this because the wizard causes the image thumbnails in the ‘choose-image’ screen to have a yellow box around them once I've put them into a page. This sort of feedback is an absolute godsend, and the mark of good UI [user interface] design.