Studio Notebook:
2023 commences...

As I explained in the page about the first drawing in this series my lampworking studio notebook is the only one I regularly peruse in search of info of how I did something umpty months (or years) ago, and so having these large, easy-to-spot year dividers is really helpful.

2023 separator for lampworking studio notebook; part of 6x9" page (so roughly 6x6") graphite & microns; photographed 2Jan23

Of course they hardly need to be this fancy, but I was so happy with the way the first came out, I left room to do something similar in 2022 (which, ummmmmm, is still unfinished...)

finished drawing, microns & brush pen on paper; photographed 11Jan23

For some reason—perhaps because 2023 doesn't have the cool repeating 2’s of the earlier ones—I didn't care as much about it, or that it looked wonky, and so persevered until it was finally done. Or done enough. If you look closely you can see I made 24ga headpins for holiday earrings. Using Brega the Bravo, which is some major, major overkill.