Fantasy Cat
doodle henna with gold

Here's another drawing in the cardinal sketchbook series. This kittycat with the upturned face is drawn entirely from imagination, with no reference excepting the main-coonish cat who lives us, and I thought it came out reasonably well (i.e. the muzzle is not horribly distorted...)[1]

5-3/8 x 6-7/8" sketchbook page of flecked paper with grapite, ink using both assorted pens (mostly microns) & brush pen; additional decorations with metallic gold callig pen. Completed 15mar21 lumix lx-100, cropped & adjusted.

It was fun to do, and I especially like the little triangles decorating the front paws, a design motif that goes back, uuuuuhhhhhmmm, at least 40 years. The line quality of silhouette was also something I was happy with, and the forelegs. —Of course, those are ganked right off the ancient Egyptian bronzes that clearly served as inspiration for (most of) the pose.

[1]TBasically, I drew the forehead from the side, the rest from 3/4. So frustrating.