February doodle:
fantasy flowers and real leaves

There's nothing especially striking about this page, but I didn't make any art at all (excepting perhaps a horsehead doodle?) so I'm back to raiding the archives. Plus, the weather's warming, and spring's coming—I spotted some snowdrops yesterday:)

microns on paper: sketchbook page from a Japanese appointment diary, originally 5.5 x 8.25 inches, made 01Feb21, photographed 07feb2021, panasonic lumix LX100, cropped, value adjusted.

If nothing else, this drawing celebrates various divisions of my tricoloured ginger made it through the winter, however poorly. The oak leaves I collected in one of those fresh-greens containers last fall, and once in awhile I actually use them as reference, as here.

The rest of the leaves and flowers are basically fantasy henna inspo'ed thingies, easy to draw, with assorted decorative scribbles. The shading/cross-hatching was kind of fun to do, but it doesn't read especially well in that large, central, (& therefore focal) flower.

C'est la vie.