February Blues
in more ways than one...

February is sort of traditionally considered to be kind of a downer month, which is why retailers are all about Valentine's Day; it's often the slowest month of the year. Where I live it's often grey, and cold, and people are tired of winter.

ballpoint drawing on Japanese 2019-2020 appointment calendar, made on a page approximately 5.5 x 8.25 inches; shot on a lumix LX100 28feb2021, cropped, colour & value adjusted

However, this drawing isn't blue because my mood was down, but rather because I really liked the way the ball-point ink handled on the page. Ball-point was the first kind of ink drawing I ever did, and its slightly oleaginous, somewhat viscous ink is still my favourite.

In fact, I was so absorbed with other stuff I barely noticed Valentine's this year, and though I'm ready for spring, I've actually been enjoying all the snow we got in February: it's pretty. But it has been kind of a stressful time, and my best wishes go out to everyone whose February (or any other time) has been blue.