Triple flower
henna doodle with circular elements

This doodle is on the sheet following the one depicted yesterday, and is a quicker, more intuitive piece, featuring flax pattern, and several variations on what I think of as circular hatching.

ink on paper, 5x4.5"; 13x11.5cm. 19may20, 1/80sec, f1.7 /LumixDMC-LX100/2020LX100/20200519LX/P1140259adj.JPG; cropped, rotated, probably brightened.

Alongside the left edge of the bordered leaf on the left side is some short hatching that transitions to criss-crossing circles implied with delicate lines of fine dots. The same approach is more overt in the lower right, and the precursor is the broken circles shown in the upper right. —All of these lines of delicate dots come from the journal itself, which uses them as subtle dividers.

I really do like the aesthetics of Japanese appointment books.