Thank you:
henna insp callig

I was requested to make a thank you note for a local charity's donor; this, incorporating calligraphy, henna-style and traditional Japanese patterns (the 120 angled ‘flax’ pattern) is the result.

note. roughly 4.5x6 inches (half of a 9x12 sheet). Markers and watercolour on paper. The sort of empty space in green along the leaf underneath the ‘T’ will get filled in with the name of the shop.

Fran was kind enough to purchase these double ended marker with wedge tips on one end, and fine-line on the other, which I've really been enjoying for these little projects—cards, unlike Real Serious Arrrrrt are not meant to be anything but ephemera, so I'm free not to worry about how fugitive the inks are.

I've really been enjoying playing with these layered effects (and not having to worry about my various imperfections, such as the dreadful kerning.)