Tabi-chan II:
Countrapoints redux

I can practically track my feelings during election season by what sort of paper I choose: high quality artist's paper (rare) sketchbooks (the default) of scraps, often from assorted junk mail (bad). This one was done on the latter, but I was trying really hard to give Tabi a really feminine quality, because I know that's important to her creator, Natalie Wynn.

This drawing, done on an envelope, features graphite and that cake black ink you can liquify by adding water, with additional image editing to replace the original postage with a call to vote.

Not sure how well I succeeded, but I was able to take my mind off larger events by angsting over whether the eyes and brows were level, or the lips and nose symmetrical.[1] I do like the somewhat softer quality of the pencil, which I feel better captures the tactile quality of feline fur. (We currently have a semi-longhair main-coon-ish kitty living with us, the artistically named Sketch, who has wonderfully soft fur & enjoys being a lap cat—lovely, especially now that we're heading towards colder temps.)

[1]Spoiler: none of them are.