Man with Flowers
in assorted styles

This drawing is undated, but is on the same sheet as a second drawing finished on (roughly) the equinox; therefore this one was completed by the beginning of fall. It might have been inspired by the actors in Duty/Shame, or possibly an interesting article about (male) androgynous Japanese fashionistas; at any rate, I was kind of frustrated by the fact that (as so often happens, siiiiigh) both the eyes and mouth are skewed; actually the nose is as well, hence the heavy black line, part of my attempts to fix this. Not to mention the fact that the shape of the face is asymmetrical...!

doodle, technical pens, probably mid to late september. One half of a commercially printed piece of 8.5 x 11 piece of computer paper. /LumixDMC-LX100/2020LX100/20201009LX/P1160112adj.JPG; image has been cropped and colour balanced.

I'm fairly happy with the flowers, though some, such as the roses, are much more flatly rendered than others that are highly cross-hatched, and then you have those weird fantasy things in the upper right; also I still haven't learned to draw daylilies in an attractive way.

Despite its flaws, I like the face, especially the eyebrows.