Mini Watercolours:
kit and sketchbook

My friend Fran was doing indoors coronavirus watercolour sketches, and I copied the idea, which seems only appropriate, as I'm pretty sure she gave me the pretty little sketchbook, with a hand-painted paper cover, from India IIRC; and she certainly gave me the hand-made sketchbook in which the art was made. It's sort of...meta-art supplies...?

Sketchbook page, featuring a watercolour sketch of watercolour kit and tiny sketchbook. Photographed 30mar20 [1] Watercolours, coloured markers, technical pens. This art is roughly 5x8 or 6x9".

These items are the smallest of my travelling art supply kits, which consist of a pentel waterbrush, an altoids smalls box with an 8 compartment divider 3D printed by the wizard's brother; each compartment has anywhere from 1 to 3 colours packed in. I also have a very small tube, about 12mm x 50mm for holding additional water.

The style is very much inspired by Fran's drawings, with a bit of henna inspo thrown in.

[1]And likely completed 28mar, though sometimes I continue to add border decorations after signing the work, so dates aren't infallible.