Gingo Leaf doodle
Exploring triangular leaves

This doodle, yet another drawn in the hand-made sketchbook from Fran, is somewhat unusual in that it consciously pivots from the henna-esque techniques that served as the original inspiration for this series to a more traditional representation of some of its plant elements, as well as more cross-hatching, which is not a technique typical of henna application. Neither is the partial fill in the gingko leaves, which is probably the strongest part of then entire piece (followed by the oxalis.)

ink (disposible technical pens) on paper, 5-7/8 x 8-1/4. 10Apr20, photographed panasonic lumix DMC-LX10, 1/50sec, f1.7, natural light, 19apr20. Some editing with gimp. Click for a sharper version.

To be sure it still includes some henna elements, most notably the flowers and upward pointed lobed leaf (and those swooping little curves are so much fun to draw, both with a pen and a henna cone); but aside from the cross-hatching, a technique that fascinates both me and Frances, some more naturalistic elements, such as the gingko leaves and especially the oxalis—the shamrocks and their flowers, which I grow as houseplants, have crept in. Ribbons (and one ribbon like leaf) as well as some poorly rendered fabric folds (easily the least successful element) join the broken circular cross-hatches that have characterized my recent pen-and-ink doodles.

I actually quite like this one, despite its flaws.