Fire and Ice
5 `raked lotus'

Here's a blast from the past!

According to the create date on the post, I made a stub with the title (and nothing else, so it obviously was meant to be a reminder to do this later) on or around 4 Jan 2010.[1] That turned up in a 2007 directory, and the highlights in the photography sucked, which I suspect is a good part of the reason why they weren't posted in a more timely matter. (I may have been saving the image till after the competition, as well.)

Which explains why I couldn't find a photo of these beads last time on the website I tried to show them to someone—because it had never been posted!

a series of 5 designer beads made for the 2007 ISGB exhibition ‘Fire and Ice’ Effetre, roughly 12–14mm in diameter. This image has been digitally retouched to reduce the suckage of the highlights. Yay for a tablet & gimp's smudge tool.

I call these ‘raked lotus’, because the pattern reminds me of the lotus capital from Egyptian architecture (me and a lot of other people—Kim Miles, frex, has a really gorgeous style of bead she calls lotus). In theory, they're quite straightforward: make one half of a hollow bead with filigrana, the other with a semi-striking yellow/orange special opaque.

In practice they're a little tricky, because a) the glass has to be laid down perfectly, and b) then the raking has to be evenly spaced (though that's not so bad) but then there's c) the orange has to selectively struck, and that part drove me bananas. Nevertheless, I managed to make 5 that matched nicely and size and color, and was most pleased with them.

Whoever was judging the competition was not. They didn't get in. I put the outrageous price of $60 for the set, and was sad to see them sell, but definitely felt they were worth the money. I hope whoever's got them now is enjoying them as much as I did, for I'm still quite proud of them, 7 years later; and I've continued to make beads in this pattern, on and off, ever since.[2]

retouched/edited photo, post, 12mar2014. UPDATE: and as of 27aug2015, the post still hasn't gone live. Well, I had a pair of earrings from these series, that I loved so much I wore them even though I dropped one and cracked the bead; however, now I've lost one, and must practice. So perhaps more of these will be making an appearance, as I want my fave earrings back.

[1]Of course the time is 4:30 in the morning, so it's a tad suspect...

[2]More off than on, sad to say.