is fly

So some folks thought Mr Pence won the vice-presidential debate, others thought Ms Harris won the debate—what interested me was the overall agreement in any given site on who won. There did seem to be consensus that it was pretty dull, didn't change minds and—oh yeah—the star of the show was neither Harris nor Pence, nor even the moderator, but the fly that landed on Mr Pence's head for a couple of minutes. I am not a fan of Mr Pence, but I admit that I was pretty impressed that he managed to ignore having this thing on his hair for two minutes.[1]

drawing on Japanese diary-sketchbook, graphite and microns, 08oct2020. Drawing, including text, is almost exactly 4" square.

This was a fridayfugly post, and what could be more appropriate than a housefly? (I detest flies, because they carry disease and spread germs to my food.) Strictly speaking the consensus seems to be that the animal was a housefly, but I wanted a top view, and was seduced by the iridescent green bottle fly, which looks quite similar—so I wrote down the scientific names of each. In any event, flies are true flies, and the translucent wings of each are actually quite beautiful, though I was too lazy to really nail down the veining, especially where the wing attaches to the thorax.

Evidently all that doodling this summer has had an impact, because I was able to bang this thing right out—it felt like I got it done in 10 minutes or so: Back when I was practising life drawing once a week, I could do a complete pencil of the model in 10 minutes, and paint the drawing in another 10—once I recall I managing it in half that time.

However, I was absolutely at the top of my game, which really doesn't feel like the case at present. I will say that I liked the way I did the eyes of this subject, with that slight reflective edge towards the back.

[1]Even more so after I read that they poop every where they land. Euuuuuughhhhhhh....!