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Yes, it's time for another round of fridayfuglies, and today I have lots.

I note that the prunus are beginning to bloom and the frogs to sing; so begins my very favorite time of year. The silver light amongst the rain-soaked clouds is just beautiful. By the way, if you appreciate clouds, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy discusses them.

Or, you know, you can read about ugly beads.


Happy May Day everyone! May Day, like St Patrick's is one of those minor heralds-the-coming-of-spring holidays that I really enjoy, in a sort of low-key way. Hoping yours is equally enjoyable.

Speaking of spring, yes, still tidying up the blog a bit: I (theoretically) created this post—no. 1259—on 1mar2008, the same day I started making the necklace being shown today, so that works. In, fact, it and its sister necklace are adjacent on the multistrand tag page, so, goodie.


So waaaaay back on the 5th January 2010, I decided it would be a good idea to create a ‘howtofrenchbead’ index page. Only problem was, at the time, I didn't have much in the way of howtofrenchbead pages to show—the biggest was still only half done. Whoopsie! So this thing sat, until a really strong need for displacement activities sent me on a frenzy of website spring cleaning, and I found it again.

It's still a bit sad, but at least I've completed the big howto page (the heartshaped leaf, detailed earlier last week) so there's something on it, now.



So backing up a bit, here's a cord and tassel set made for a stocking. Tomorrow I'll feature Six years ago I featured the stocking I put ’em on, so no, I haven't given up on the series.)

And, just to simultaneously bring things up to the present while harking back to the past, here's a couple of fun links...I was trawling through makinglight, and they mentioned an entertaining reading of catullus (quite reminiscent of hiphop/rap in its complex rhythms, plus lovely rolled Rs) recommended, they said, by the ‘always entertaining @phiala’, whom I wondered, was that the same phiala whose phiala's string pages go back practically to the beginning of this website? And lo, it was! I've never actually talked to this woman, but I've always felt a bit of kinship for someone interested in semi-obscure narrow wares whose web presence dates way back to the late 90s.

Meanwhile, via lovejoyfeminism, on quite a heavy post about abuse, a link in the comments to some awesome costuming, wigs, 18th ca fabrics ...I have finally answered a long time question, which was, what color exactly was drab in Georgette Heyer? She mentions, among other things, a drab driving coat of many capes, worn by a high-status protag, so obviously it's ok, but I always rather wondered if it were a sort of dirty white: turns out, it's a darkish, warm beige. Well then. Plus, as a bonus I got exposed to the precise meanings of many other textile terms of the era, so if you're wanting to know the diff between worsted, drugget, fustian, kerseymore, and the like, well now you can find out.

This is what I love about the web, that six degrees of separation: reading about one thing, and finding a totally different interest a click or two away...going to another site, and again, with just a click, happen upon the same basic theme (in this case, historical costuming.)

Aaaaand, speaking of historical, here's today's click, roughly equidistant from the rejiquar's online beginnings and present.


Another 2008 post/page pair: I started the following around 1mar08, scattering half-completed posts about this bracelet with wild abandon, completing none of them...till now.

Not only did I indulge myself with the January retreat (most of which still needs to be documented) I also took a little mini-workshop with Kathleen Robinson, formerly of the Burning Bead studio. This post documents my efforts with the technique.

But, getting back to that retreat, one of the unexpected things I learned, probably from a lampworker who was also a school art teacher, was that #6 plastic could be used to make shrinky-dinks —which, given that f2tY has been complaining that we never do anything fun and also that the new art teacher "sucks", might be a fun parent-child project...

My retreat-mate was able to tell just from the sound whether the plastic was good to go, but I recommend looking for the number;) Unlike the tutorials for which I provided links, she advised incorporating the ridged parts of the plastic right into the design, a suggestion that immediately appealed to my "let's-turn-this-broken/awkward/problem-into-an-asset" mentality.

But if no salad containers loom on your horizon, well, here's today's post—only six years, 1 month and sixteen days late.


Today's FridayFugly is what happens when one is insufficiently imaginative. I wasn't crazy about the focal and positively loathed the color combination of the beads provided in the kit. The result—blech.

This is sad, because so often being forced to work outside one's comfort zone often leads to new, fresh variations; but sometimes, the will just ain't there. However, this ancient (from 2008) post, with the equally elderly intro, at least allows me to collect all the bracelet pages together.